ninjaconsultant (ninjaconsultant) wrote,

Ninja Consultant is Leaving Livejournal; Seeking Wordpress Designer

After many years, I've decided to stop using Livejournal and switch to Wordpress. This might mean a feed change, but I'm not sure yet.

In the interim, I'm looking for someone to make a nice Wordpress theme for the page.  Not for free, but I don't have a huge budget, either, so think flat fee and not an hourly rate.  Email ninjaconsultant (at) gmail if you're interested.

Things I'm hoping the migration will solve:

  1. You'll be able to see old episodes in the feed, instead of just two or three episode.

  2. A better search function.  It's freaking impossible to search through old livejournal entries.

  3. Not owned by Russians.

  4. Less comment spam...?

I'm not all that fond of Wordpress either, but I know how to use it, and there's a Livejournal migration tool.
Tags: news

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