ninjaconsultant (ninjaconsultant) wrote,

Show #91 - Gantz in Your Pants

Show #091 - Direct Download:

OP: "Dance Epidemic" by Electric Six

Noah talks about Gantz for like, two and a half hours. Are you listening comfortably? Maybe you should get a snack. By the way, here's my Shelf Life review of Gantz.

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August 10 2011, 23:55:38 UTC 6 years ago

I listen to a couple of anime podcasts and yours is by far the most enjoyable, i love how deep and smart the reviews are and all the subjects you cover. Please more!

I only watched a couple of episodes of Gantz, stopped not because of the gore but because it seemed gratuitous in its violence but maybe ill try watch it again.

Thank you and more reviews!