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Show #77 - Anime Boston 2010 Manga-Mania I -- Enter Panel-dome [Raw]

Show #077 - Direct Download:

[Photo by @animealmanac]

This panel stars:

[not pictured] @kransomwastaken

Panel Description:  In an effort to initiate a US branch of the ZeroAka Dojo, Vertical Inc. has collected a brain trust of the brightest and most respected manga bloggers and journalists on the East Coast to discuss manga culture. But there is a catch! This is not your average panel. This is a moderated discussion covering a wide range of manga topics from politics and ethics to the industry and its fans. This is not a democratic, everyone gets equal time, panel. This is a public forum where the best voices of manga share their knowledge and views honestly and openly.

Has manga criticism reached new heights? Or are our manga literati still in the dark ages? Join journalists, podcasters, bloggers, industry insiders and manga academics as they reveal why manga your fandom originates and always comes back to manga!

Warning: Unedited Audio
Note: I totally bomb the first question. Instead of "Bestselling" I just went for "Best".
Tags: panel, podcast

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