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Show #73 - NYAF 2009 Part 2: Caleb

Show #073 - Direct Download:
OP: Kanon 2006 OP, "Last regrets" by Ayana
ED: Clannad After Story ED, "TORCH" by Lia

In this episode we interview Caleb, an Otaku USA writer. Here's his personal blog, Anime wa Bakuhatsu da!
  • For a better definition of moe, listen to Dr. Weeaboo's 2007 panel recording we did.

  • Caleb saw Cencoroll at NYAF but we missed it.

  • You can read more about Caleb's opinions here and also over here:
    It's insulting to the entire human race to put someone down because you think the anime they watch is trashy compared to what you watch. It's rude, it's annoying, and it's an embarrassment to any fan community. It's perfectly okay to not like a series; no one's expected to like everything, but insisting, even in jest, that someone who watches Kanon is suffering from severe autism (just like the characters! truly I am a comedy genius!) is just taking the extra step from "having a different opinion" to "being a jerk". it's common Internet behavior, true, but the Internet at large is another huge embarrassment to humanity.
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