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Show #67 - SITACon 2008 Podcasters Unite - Part 1 - Trivia

Show #067Direct Download:
OP: Black Lagoon OP
ED: Ghost in the Shell; Stand Alone Complex OP

Maybe Noah will add some links later! Also, this show might count as explicit. But maybe not? Let's call this episode "OT," for "older teen," 14+.

Podcasters Present:
Anime World Order
R5 Central
Happy House of Hentai
Ninja Consultants

This podcast is about:

Gerald's Hobby is taking pictures of Mike Dent:

- Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist is a reference to The Thin Man

- Rock Holmes
- Captain Hitler
- No one should ever watch Eiken, ever.

- Chi's Sweet Home

- "You don't mess with owl-bears... unless you're 7th level or higher."
- What if 4-chan answered Densha Otoko's messages instead if 2chan?

Podcasters We Mentioned:
- Ed from the MangaCast
- Dave and Joel

Promo: Ani-Gamers podcast. Here is a picture of Evan:
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