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Show #64 - Guin Saga Roundtable

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Music: Conan the Barbarian theme by Basil Poledouris, Berserk music "Forces (God-Hand Remix)".

  • Vertical has published the first 5 novels of the Guin Saga, the 120+ volume fantasy series that inspired Berserk and other Japanese fantasy in a Tolkien-esque way (that is to say, Kaoru Kurimoto inspired Japanese fantasy as much as Tolkien inspired the genre in the West, but Guin Saga is not in itself Tolkien-esque).
  • 3-4 Guin Saga volumes come out every year in Japan
  • The author also publishes a few other books, cleans the house, and is a regular on a quiz show (Specifically Hinto de Pinto). And she's a literary critic. And she's a composer. And she composed a musical based on the Guin Saga that has been performed in Tokyo.
  • Kurimoto-san married the editor of the sci-fi magazine that first published Guin Saga.
  • Noah vocab: Phatic. "A Phatic Experience."
  • Guin Saga is the "Mother of Light Novels," along with the Vampire Hunter D novels.
  • What is a light novel anyway?
    • Short and Fast read
    • Has illustrations
    • Usually "genre" but not always
    • There's often a psychic
    • "Feats of the imagination"
  • Guin Saga is soon to be an anime series from Aniplex
  • Guin Saga is translated by Harvard graduate and fantasy fan Alexander O. Smith (who probably edits his wikipedia page about himself retracted, see below).
  • We're all glad about the Viz Big editions of Vagabond.
  • Yoshitaka Amano got famous in part for his Guin Saga covers!
  • Noah and I recommend King Naresuan 1 & 2 (but mostly 2). We're looking forward to part 3.
  • Finally at about one hour and 17 minutes Dungeons and Dragons comes up. That's one hour and 15 minutes longer than it usually takes for Noah to start talking D&D!
  • Is the leopard headed fighter in Tekken a Guin reference? Or a Tiger Mask reference?
    • UPDATE: Since Guin was first published in 1979, it post-dates Tiger Mask by 11 years. HOWEVER, as it turns out, before Tiger Mask was a Japanese pro-wrestler, it was actually a MANGA! Who knew???
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