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Show #46 - James Interview Part 3: Bring Me the Head of Apollo Smile, A Cautionary Tale

Show #046 Direct Download:

OP: Theme from Gunbuster, remixed for the Para Para Max US Mix volume 2, also available on amazon for $3. ED: Theme from Gunbuster 2, aka Diebuster, "Groovin' Magic", by ROUND TABLE featuring Nino.

The Apollo Smile Story

Otakon Mystery Anime Theatre 3000 gave us Jupiter Smirk, and Neptune Sneeze.
- A list of live MST3K performances by fans.
- Super Monsters

- Sci Fi channel was running Iria at the time
- James will find and kill you if you don't like the original Gunbuster
- Not to be confused with Gunbuster 2
- Ninja High School T-shirt
- Antarctic Press was there, man
- The Korean Animation Museum
- The Kimchee Museum!

There is no U.S. release of Wonderful Days / Sky Blue at this time because it was made on a government grant. How will I make my "Shot Through the Heart" AMV to the scene where one dude gets shot in the heart?

- Tree of Palme, also made on a grant.
- James licensed half a show once. Gerald is pissed.

Remember: You are never greater than the anime. But it's OK to use DVDs to block bullets, etc.

Don't pull an Apollo.
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