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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Thursday, February 23rd, 2012

Time Event
News: Ninjaconsultants at MangaNext and Genericon

We're going to MangaNext, February 24th-26th!
MangaNext 3:30 Friday - Comiket Survival 101, Events Room B
MangaNext 6pm Saturday - Unusual Manga Genres, Events Room B
MangaNext 1pm Sunday - Culinary Manga, Panel 2

We're also going to Genericon!

March 2nd - 4th
Genericon 9am Saturday - Recent Trends in Anthropomorphization, Panels 2 (337)
Genericon 4pm Saturday - Culinary Manga, Panels 2 (337)
Genericon 6pm Saturday - Alcohol and Manga, Panels 1 (318)
Genericon 12pm Sunday - Unusual Manga Genres, Panels 2 (337)

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