August 4th, 2011

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Show #87 - An Interview with Tom Wayland

Show #087 - Direct Download:

OP & ED: Pokemon theme songs in Hindi

An interview with Tom Wayland at Otakon 2011. Tom has worked at Central Park Media and 4Kids, dubbing anime since before DVDs were invented. We talk to him about his recent work on cartoons made (in English) for India.

From the Otakon press release:
Tom has produced and/or directed hundreds of anime programs such as Now & Then, Here & There, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Alien Nine, The World of Narue, Ichi the Killer, Mew Mew Power, Magical Do Re Mi, and GI Joe and currently serves as the voice director on the hit series Pokemon.

Tom is also a very busy voice actor having appeared in hundreds of titles currently airing on Cartoon Network, Fox, WB, Nickelodeon or available on DVD including Yugi-oh 5Ds as Crow, Lester, and Nervin, GI Joe as Stormshadow, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Jammerhead, Pokemon as Flint, Reggie, Arceus, and numerous creatures, Ikki Tousen as Kakuton, Three Delivery, Yugi-oh GX, Chaotic, One Piece, Mew Mew Power, Knight Hunters, Genshiken, Gokusen, and keep an ear out for his latest work as one of the lead characters - Finn in Tai-Chi Chasers.