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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Monday, July 26th, 2010

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The Great Otakon Podcast Picnic
This idea came up on Twitter some weeks back. The greater manga blogging/anime podcast community online wants to get together at Otakon for a meal. However, eating during Otakon is always a crazy juggling act of scheduling, convincing a restaurant to seat an absurdly large group, getting annoyed as they refuse to split the check, and then rushing back to the con in time to get wristbands before the hentai panels.

In the interest of accommodating as many people as possible and not spending too much money, we propose the following meet-up:

The Great Otakon Podcast Picnic (named loosely after Achewood's Great Outdoor Fight)

When:  Friday, July 30th, from 7:45 ~ 10 PMish (they might kick us out by 9)
Where: If it isn't raining, on the patio just off the mall food court
              If it is raining, in the cafe space by the Starbucks near Registration
Who:  Podcasters, Bloggers and listeners and readers thereof
What to Bring: Not-easily-spoiling foodstuffs to eat and share. It's sort of a pack-your-own lunch meet-up, with the option that you can bring (non-poisonous) shareable food should you feel so generous and/or ambitious to do so.  Perhaps you might also bring something to sit on, like a tarp or a blanket, although I'm not sure if that will be allowed in either location.

I chose this time because it is after the Funimation Panel and the AMV Contest, and slightly before the concert, although it is during the Otakon Game Show. Friday night was a suggestion from the Reverse Thieves.

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