October 13th, 2009


I am the new Bamboo Dong

It's official. Starting next week I'll be taking over Bamboo Dong's1 "Shelf Life" column on Anime News Network. I'll be reviewing anime on a weekly basis, for "...the #1 English language source for anime and manga news on the Internet".

Five years ago, when I was reading Bamboo's column, I never thought, "Oh, I bet someday I'll be writing this!" I really liked her Nightshift Nurses 2 comic strip - and apparently so did everyone else, it's her "longest viewed" column.

Back in 2004 I also asked the Answerman a question. I couldn't really imagine that there would come a time in 2009 when I would be randomly hanging out with ANN staff over lunch at Tokyo Big Sight.

So next week please look forward to my review of Black Lagoon! Hopefully Noah will get his Black Lagoon podcast ready soon, too.

I'm trying to figure out what this will mean for the podcast. Our pace of shows is already really slow, (averaging once a month) so I can't imagine it getting any worse. We will certainly be watching a lot more anime. Maybe we'll give away DVDs once in a while.

1 Yes, that is her real name.