August 24th, 2009

Burning Pen

Show #71 - The Webcomic Episode

Show #071Direct Download:
OP and ED: "Theme from Mega Force" by Movie Night: The Band

Hetalia - began as a webcomic, and was collected into manga volumes, then adapted into an anime series which was streamed online for free in Japan.
Tonari No 801-chan was similarly a webcomic, and I think it was adapted into a live action drama series.

At 1 h 9m 35s - we talk about Japanese comics some more, and it's historical and informative.

Guest: Chris from Ego and the Squid

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Chris's Favs:
Dinosaur Comics
Penny Arcade
New Feelings
American Elf
Scene Language
Star Shaped Rock
Daisy Owl
The Ego And The Squid
The Order Of The Stick
Fart Party
Hark! A Vagrant
Cat And Girl
Creased Comics
Natalie Dee
Married To The Sea
Toothpaste For Dinner

Noah's Favs:
Penny Arcade
Skinhorse (by the author of Narbonic)
Erfworld (dude is cool)
Order of the Stick

Erin's Favs:
A Kick in the Head
Perry Bible Fellowship (retired)
Fart Party
Jerk City (NSFW)
Dinosaur Comics

Old-Timey Comics:
Married to the Sea
Edison Hates the Future

Some Other Mentions:
Alien Loves Predator
Idiot Comics
Irregular Comics

Webcomic Cons:
New England Webcomics Weekend

Goodbye Kim's Video Underground!

Now Syndicated: Diesel Sweeties

Paper Comics:
Ted Rall of Tom the Dancing Bug
Ernie Pook's Comeek by Lynda Barry

Topatocow Store for the coolest shirts

Drama Webcomics:
Scene Language

Eventually we talk about manga again - around 57-1 hour in.
Viz's IKKI - titles for free
Rin-E - Rumiko Takahashi's bland Bleach rip-off

Garfield Without Garfield
Lasagna Cat

Flethcher Hanks reprints - Super Wizard Stardust (recommended!)

1 h 9m 35s - Japanese strip comics

A Drifting Life - read it!
My Neighbors the Yamadas - based a newspaper strip - recommended!

4-Koma strips in translation:
Azumanga Daioh (recommended)
Lucky Star
Shoulder a Coffin Kuro
S.S. Astro
Cosplay Kurumi-chan

Although not a strip comic, High School Girls is recommended!

60 Ways to Leave Your Mother
Star Shaped Rock
American Elf
Creased Comics by Brad Neeley, who did Wizard People Dear Reader, and a hilarious short about George Washington


Gamma Quadrant
Anime Roundtable