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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Thursday, September 27th, 2007

Time Event
Show #50 - Even the Answerman is Wrong Sometimes
Show #050 Direct Download:

Show 50 is also available in a lower quality format (in case you have a Nano or something) follow the link and add "LQ" to the end of the filename. It sounds much better as a 30 MB file, trust me.

"Even the Answerman is Wrong Sometimes" is based on a Japanese saying "Even a monkey falls out of a tree sometimes!"

We've been traveling a lot this year:

- Japan
- Michigan (twice)
- Boston (a bunch of times)
- roadtrip across America
- L.A. (twice)
- Baltimore
- San Diego
- Cedar Point
- Atlanta
- Erin commutes to Connecticut 4 days a week.

We've been watching:
- Nana anime & (manga)
- Le Chevalier d'Eon the anime as opposed to the manga. We love Chevalier and have to do a response to Dave & Joel's review.
- Claymore
- Toppa Ten Gurren-Lagann (probably the breakout hit of the season)

- Buy Otaku USA issue 2!
- Jason Thompson wrote The Complete Guide to Manga, available this October.
- Thompson also does a webcomic/doujin called "King of RPGs",
- Thompson used the "Yakfist" example. Sadly, "Yakfist" does not exist! (Yet.)
- You can listen to 100 manga magazines in 60 minutes on the Mangacast
- Shaenon Garrity writes Narbonic and the Overlooked Manga Festival
- Speaking of "Yakfist", the movie "Zebraman" was really awesome!
- We recently watched Ratatouille (Recommended)

Japanese Lesson for this episode:
- Hisashiburi da ne? (Long time no see! Or, it's been a while! What every badass says to the hero from off-camera before making a big entrance)
- Sentai (guardian)
- Shinpai Ja Nai (don't worry)
- Tenshi Ja Nai (I'm no angel)
- Alien Ja Nai! (I'm not an alien!)

Noah Vocab:
- "Hackles" as in "His hackles stood up."

On The Answerman:
- There will never be another episode of Weiss Krutz, Berserk, or Dragon Half.
- My moment of fame on Answerman's column (yellow butterflies question -- it's at the bottom!)
- Alison's relabeled Azumanga comic
- Our beef with him is that he said that AMVs are not legitimate art.
- Here's the episode of AWO with Zac bitching about Otakon 2006.
- The March 2nd 2007 Answerman column that I read on our show.

AMV Related
- Our crappy archives
- Show link to the complaining about AMVs 2nd episode.
- We owed one to dokidoki.
- The winning "Does L Creep You Out" AMV from Anime Expo.
- The Princess Tutu Hol Om Mig Video

Auteur Film Theory and Art Theory
- The Auteur theory
- The Dada Movement
- R. Mutt a.k.a. Marcel Duchamp
- Young Adult Novel by Daniel Pinkwater, featuring "The Wild Dada Ducks", it's in the compelation "Five Novels by Daniel Pinkwater"
- The movie "Art School Confidential"

Things the Answerman Thinks are Unfunny but Ninja Consultants Still Find Hilarious:
- Lolcats
- All Your Base Are Belong To Us
- Tired Catchphrases
- Chuck Norris Facts


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