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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Thursday, August 9th, 2007

Time Event
Show #47 - Live at San Diego Comic Con 2007
Show #47 - Live at San Diego Comic Con 2007

Show #047 Direct Download:

Music: "Kokoro Scan" theme from a promo for a Japanese Ninento DS game.

  • SDCC is five times the size of Otakon
  • Less than 10% cosplayers
  • Preview night was crowded
  • Alison drops like 5 f-bombs, one in the opening and four in the last 5 minutes.
  • Ed obtained the new Tekkon Kinkreet manga re-release from Viz. He then LICKED THE BOOK.

Lick this book!

  • He corrects Jason Thompson's manga panel "100 Manga Magazines in 60 Minutes", which you can listen to here on the MangaCast.
  • Ed also recorded other SDCC panels, and did some interviews with editors. They'll eventually be available here .
  • Del Rey is calling themselves the Otaku's Choice now. But why?
  • The Wallflower is hardly for Otaku.
  • Ed thinks Kurogane is 4 volumes too long.
  • Ed is a: Fujoshi
  • I picked up the Adventures of Dr. McNinja and met the artist.
  • Penny Arcade shirts are awesome, but often sold out.
  • TokiDoki bags are awesome. Please send me one!
  • So Warren Ellis gained some weight.
  • Dallas Middaugh of Del Rey lives like 8 blocks from our apartment!


If you love me, you'll buy Otaku USA issue 2:

I have an article on Tekkon Kinkreet the film in there. This article is epic, and six pages long, and there's several other Tekkon featurettes and lots of pictures.

Fun fact: 40% of Otaku USA is written by Patrick Macias, and 45% is written by Daryl Surat.

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