July 2nd, 2007


Show #44 - James Interview Part 1: Otakon 1994

Show #044 Direct Download:

OP and ED: "Just Think of Tomorrow [From Irresponsible Captain Tylor]" by Yoko Ishida, theme from Irresponsible Captain Tylor, remixed for the Para Para Max US Mix volume 2, also available on amazon for $3

Our experimental three mic two computer set-up lead to some interesting sync problems and weird echos. I did my best to fix it.

We interview James the "Angry Otaku" from Ah!Pon animepodcast.net
- He first started reading manga with Outlanders from Studio Proteous
- He went to Otakon 1994, the first one.
- First Guest: Robert DeJesus
- Who is Brian Mah? A Metro-Anime guy.
- James watched Cream Lemon and bought Dragon Knight

Otakon 1995:
- Wedding Peach!
- James buys Bondage Fairies (NSFW, NSFK, Warning: You can't un-see Bondage Fairies. Once you find out what they are you can't un-know it.)
- Duane Johnson did something for fandom
- Corn Pone video

Anime East 1994-1995
The Anime East Riots 1995

More on Apollo Smile later.
(amazingly, there is an angelfire fan page still up here.
It's Anime Crash's fault.

RIP: Big Apple Anime Fest

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