June 9th, 2007


Show #43 - Nadia's Moe Panel

Show #043 Direct Download:

OP: "Round Dance (Revolution) [From Revolutionary Girl Utena]"</a> by Yoko Ishida, theme from the Utena TV Show, remixed for the Para Para Max US Mix volume 1, also available on amazon for 25 cents

ED: Neko Mimi Mode "Cat Ear Mode" from Tsukuyomi Moon Phase, used in the Moe panel because the opening sequence so typifies moe.
NEWS Noah and I are giving a panel:

Big in Japan; Unknown in America

Doreamon and Sazae-san are two of the longest running animated series of all time, with over one thousand episodes each. Kochikame and Anpanman are synonymous with "anime" in Japan but totally unknown to American fans. Join Erin and Noah of the Ninja Consultant Podcast as they explore anime series that every Japanese person is familiar with, yet have never been imported to the U .S.

6:30 PM Monday June 11th MoCCA, Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art, 594 Broadway, Suite 401, between Houston & Prince Streets.

The rest of the show is Nadia's panel on Moe from Anime Boston 2007. The audio improves after the first three minutes. The Q&A at the end is somewhat inaudible, but I did my best.

If you have quetions about the shows covered in the panel, or the terms, post them here and I'll add some links.

I came to a kind of moment of realization during the panel that I am a Tsundere character in real life.