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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Tuesday, May 8th, 2007

Time Event
Show #41 - Takarazuka
Show #041 Direct Download:
OP: "Girls and Boys" by Blur, from the album Parklife

ED: Takarazuka 2004 Great Sports Day - Flower Troupe

We listen to Soar's voicemail. Remember Randomization?

Link to Kodocha original OP on youtube:

Suggested titles for your 10-year-old sister (who likes cats):

- Kodocha
- All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku
- Sherlock Hound
- Tokyo Mew Mew
- Magical Do Rei Me
- Tweeny Witches
- Sugar Sugar Rune (manga by Del Ray, anime on the internet)
- What's Michael (manga from Dark Horse, anime on the internet)
Three Ghibli films your sister will like:
- Whispers of the Heart
- The Cat Returns
- Kiki's Delivery Service
- That one Sailor Moon movie about Luna

Regular notes on the show:

- Takarazuka!
- There was that episode of Ouran High Schhol Host Club with a lot of it!
- We just watched "The Girl Who Leapt Through Time" - it was good! But Gerald won't like it.
- I also saw "Year One in the North" which was quite excellent!

There's a Japanese phrase for "Please bear with it" that seems to come up constantly.

Omiai - the Japanese custom of arranged marriage (literally "honorable see and meet").

Fred Astaire vs. Gene Kelly! Live! One Night Only!

Gene Kelly + Bob Fosse = Takarazuka

What are the follies? How are they different from the Ziegfield Follies?

What's a "dance revue"?

For theater-training montages in anime Erin recommends:

- Glass Mask (1984)
- Glass Mask (2005)
- There's also a live-action version and a movie and stuff.
- Cat's Eye has a similar opening
- But where's the original Glass Mask opening on youtube?! (right here! Thanks cchan5000!

Promo: The R5 Central Guy Promotes Morphicon

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