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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Tuesday, March 13th, 2007

Time Event
Show #39 - Our Trip to Japan Supershow part 1
Show #039 Direct Download:

OP and ED From the "Trinity Cheers Mix" by Asakusa Jinta the "Hard Marching Band" who are touring the US right now!! They're awesome - and touring to Philly, LA, Seattle and San Francisco with other bands like "HY" which some people seem to like.

Break Music: George Washington song from this short animation by Brad Neely. If Neely reads this he should hang out with us. I heard he lives in Williamsburg.

If this file is too large for your computer/modem, go to this directory and download the file called "Ninja_Consultant_Show_039LQ.mp3" instead. Then you can import it into iTunes by going to "File ---> Add to library".

If 90 minutes is too long a show to listen to I recommend listening in Quicktime, and hitting Command K, which brings up little sliders and things to double the speed.

Check this spot later for some show notes and pictures and stuff. Meanwhile, please email us with links proving that we're wrong about stuff, and voicemail us pronunciation corrections by calling 206-203-ERIN.

We say a lot of things in this show that are lies... lies like, "We're only doing two shows about Japan." and "This is episode 37." This is part 1 of a 2-part long "practical" show about our trip. The "theoretical" show has not yet been recorded, but chances are, we're looking at having four shows about the trip to Japan, depending on how long Noah can wax elaborate on Takarazuka style.

This show has like, some promos for the following other rad shows:

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