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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Wednesday, December 13th, 2006

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Show #35 - The Melancholy of Erin's Unemployment
Show #035 Direct Download:

OP: "Indigo" by Moloko, from the album "Things to Make and Do". We were introduced to this fine song by herohigh, a friend of Daryl Surat

ED: "Monkey Developers" song by Digital Droo, which samples the famous Steve Ballmer video. We were inspired by the song's use in Fall_Child42's video "An Ode To Monkey AMVers - AKA DEWELOPERS"

  • Winners Thread of the AWA AMV contest, if you're interested.
  • Erin bombed the JLPT level 4
  • There are some really obnoxious images under the cut...Collapse )


    Poll #887770 Pound Puppies

    Do you remember Pound Puppies?


    Are you over, exactly, or almost 30 years old?


    What is sheet timing?

    While design is going on, the timing director (who in many cases will be the main director) takes the animatic and analyzes exactly what poses, drawings, and lip movements will be needed on what frames. An exposure sheet (or X-sheet for short) is created; this is a printed table that breaks down the action, dialogue, and sound frame-by-frame as a guide for the animators. If a film is based more strongly in music, a bar sheet may be prepared in addition to or instead of an X-sheet. Bar sheets show the relationship between the on-screen action, the dialogue, and the actual musical notation used in the score.
    Here's a picture of an Exposure Sheet. What I'm saying on the podcast is that one of our sheet timers was an Irish guy living on a tiny island off the coast of Spain.

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