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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Sunday, November 19th, 2006

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Show #34 - MangaNext and SITACon
Show #034 Direct Download:

OP: Buck Rogers (1979)
ED: South Park's Buck Rogers parody

Special Note: At the end of this episode you'll notice that the sound quality is suddenly horrible and distorted. I don't know what happened, but we kept talking for another 20 minutes unaware of it, and I don't know how to fix it, so I'm making the rest of the audio available as an Extra/Omake download not available in the feed. I didn't edit it because it sounds so horrible, but there is some informational content. Noah and I might re-record it later, or figure out how to fix it.

Show #034 Omake Indirect Download: right here. (I didn't want to include it in the feed.)

- Erin doesn't mean 'El Dorado,' which is the lost city of gold, but rather Desperado, the weepy faux-cowboy ballad by the Eagles
- Paprika was AWESOME it might be a Miderami "deal breaker" - as in, if you don't like it, I don't like you. Noah did not get to see Paprika, and he is still bitter about it.
- The Boys of Summer artist - Hiroki Otsuka lives in Brooklyn (Williamsburg) and is a giant hipster
- Picture of Williamsburg Hipster vs. Park Slope Yuppie

Q. How much do manga-ka get paid?

A. About $50 a page, plus tankoban royalities. $100 per page if you're famous, but that page rate must be split between assistants.

Q. How much do American (superhero) comic artists get paid?

A. Scripting: $50 per page
Penciling: $100 per page
Inking: $75 per page
Flatting: $25 per page
Coloring: $50 per page
Lettering: $30 per page (some argue that this figure is too high)

These answers come from Gynocrat's blog quoting Spubba's livejournal. Note that these are minimum rates.

Q. How much do Tokyopop's OEL manga artists get paid?

A. soggytoast writes: TPop's OEL creators make in the neighborhood of $75 a page, depending who they are. That's $15 for shading, $15 lettering, $35 for pencilling and inking. It's really not a tremendous wage, considering who TPop is and is yet another link in their chain of controversy.

- Cerebus eventually spun into a spiral of madness and misogyny
- Screw Strangers in Paradise, Terry Moore also pisses me off with giant two-page spreads of text
- CB Cebulski
- Manga creation is like the assembly method of Saturn cars
- American comics are created like a Ford assembly line.
- Japanese artists retain the rights to their own creations
- In American, comic book companies are the rights holders

Alison's MangaNext Plot Arc Diagrams:

Other Podcasts we talk about in this episode:
- THE OLD MEN!! If you know them, please get in touch with us and get them to call us back. We're talking about Bill Thomas and Alfred Gaus of Philadelphia, PA.
- Matt Pyson has been our guest and is on Otaku Generation a lot.
- WARP episode with Corbin
- Martin Leung, the video game pianist
- Stumpy the OG Scout gets a mention

Anime-cons.com really doesn't list anything for New Mexico, but I found the following:

El Paso Anime Convention 2006 UTEP's Anime Society will host a convention promoting Japanese Animation noon to 9:30 p.m. June 2-3, at UTEP Student Union East. There will Anime screenings on five rooms, including one with kid-safe programming. There will also be an Artist's Alley, video and other games, panels and workshops. Admission: $7 both days ($5 for Saturday only).
There's a SF con called Bubonicon near Albuquerque(?) They might know something about anime.

We hope the Buck Rogers theme is stuck in your head now.

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