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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Sunday, July 30th, 2006

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Show #26 Porco Rosso & Otakon Packing List
Show #026 Direct Download:

Music: "Langsam Blut" from the Paradise Kiss soundtrack, Japanese version, CD 1, track 24. Geneon has a way of importing soundtracks, so I'm sure you'll be able to buy this next yearish. CD2 has some great tracks by the fictional punk band in the show, "The Babys".

Paradise Kiss just got liscensed in the U.S. recently, although I (Erin) saw the fansubs last year and really like it - so much so that I went out and bought all the manga. Even Noah thought ParaKiss was OK.

What is Otakon?

New segment (next time): THAT'S JAPAN!

What should you bring?

My List:

 My only personal tips are the following:

Cut for lengthCollapse )

 Finally, here's some useful websites:

 All Roads Lead to Otakon:

 Otakon Chow:

 The Otakon FAQ:

On the show:

Ralph's (from Metro Anime Society's) List: 

Cut for lengthCollapse )Our additional rules:  

If you break up with your boyfriend two weeks before the con but already planned on sharing a hotel room with him you might still have to share a bed and it's going to be really awkward.  You know who I'm talking about... 

Be specific about the pizza toppings you want.  If you aren't careful, this is the pizza you will end up with.

New York Times? NEW YORK TIMES?!

Yes, we've linked to it before and we link to it again, here it is the Daicon IV Animation, now on Youtube it's just a click away.  How times have changed.

Noah discusses "The Shonen Lie":

Anime mentioned:

Noah compares the end result of the Shonen Myth to the way "peak experience" is defined in Maslow's hierarchy of needs.  

Noah's thesis here is, essentially, that contrary to what Shonen series seem to claim, there are other ways to attain peak experiences than by being the 'best'.

Erin mentions mythologist Joseph Campbell's "Hero's Journey" in the context of a series 

protagonist acting as the viewer by proxy.  We identify with the different aspects of the character, and often see in him what we wish we were ourselves.  

Ultimately, though, we're glad it's the character suffers through hardships and not us.

I (Noah) couldn't find a link to Kazuo Koike's Golf Manga; I don't even know the name.  If anyone else does, please post it in the comments!

Mario Golf.  I don't really understand why putting Mario characters in a game makes it sell better.  I mean, it's still just golf.  

Crying Freeman

Shonen series are teleological which is something else Noah highlights as a fallacy.

Every fighter approaches the the Platonic ideal of a fighter.  This is ridiculous!

Planet Japan Podcast

Stuff that features an engraved pocketwatch:

You should all read Neuromancer and Snow Crash.  Case closed.

"Chimpanzee that! Monkey News, you fffffffff..."

"Oooh! Cheeky! Freak of the Week!" Is another feature of the The Ricky Gervais Show

OMG Why Haven't You Seen-

Porco Rosso? Our top 5 Ghibli film lists: Erin: 1. Totoro 2. Laputa: Castle in the Sky 3. Castle of Count Cagliostro 4. Nausicaa 5. Porco Rosso Noah: 1. Totoro 2. Castle of Count Cagliostro 3. Nausicaa 4. Laputa: Castle in the Sky 5. Porco Rosso Erin has not yet seen Pom Poko! The air pirates in Tale Spin do not come close to the ones in Porco Rosso. Noah now realizes that the interview he talked about is not from the New York Times, but rather the New Yorker magazine. In any case, the text isn't on line. Once again, Noah is totally wrong: Future Boy Conan is from 1978, not the 1960s. Whatever. Yes, we all remember Ferngully. It sucked. New York's fire department is now moderately less corrupt than it was in Gangs of New York Goro Miyazaki and Gedo Seki - Earthsea, which, incidentally, just opened in Japan. Incidentally, every time someone mentions Goro Miyazaki, I can't help thinking of this guy.


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