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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Friday, June 30th, 2006

Time Event
Show #23 Recorded Live on My Cell Phone at AnimeNext 2006
Show #023 Direct Download:

Music: Obsession by Animotion, and Everybody Have Fun Tonight by Wang Chung. There's a reason for the Wang Chung, but not for Obsession. I just had my '80's Greatest Hits CD out and remembered liking the instrumental opening to Obsession.

Recorded Live at AnimeNext!!

A lot of dealers had just come from A-Kon, and many of the dealers, cosplayers, and attendees had also been at Anime Boston a few weeks before.

Promos, Bumper:

Eeper's Choice Podcast the only Irish anime podcast.
Anime World Order
Weekly Anime Review (on hiatus at the moment)
  • We use clips from Anime World Order episode 23: Decadence, Depravity, and Disasters

  • OMGZBBQ Vic Mignoa's giant ego was a repressive cloud over the entire convention. The man is a demon who eats the fangirl life-energy of underage girls like a bad Sailor Moon villain.

  • Noah helped dye my hair.

  • I was impressed by the Whistle cosplayers. The boys of the Mangacast assured me I should definately read it!

  • Also note that I thought Whistle was just a manga, but it's also an anime series.

  • I cosplayed as Tamaki from Host Club. We need a Hunny for our Otakon group, but I might have already tricked got a friend to do it, so Soar is off the hook. He might be too tall anyway.

  • Noah and I called AWO from the Otakugeneration live show in order to be on three podcasts at once. It kind of worked, but AWO hasn't played the voicemail yet.

  • I helped nickname someone on the Otakugeneration live show, but I came off sounding like an ass. My line of thinking was this: What would OG do? So I tried to nickname someone Porco Rosso. It didn't really work out.

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