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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Friday, April 21st, 2006

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Show #020b - Errors and Feedback, Part 2 - Show 19a, What the Hell Was That?
Show #020b - Errors and Feedback, Part 2 - Show 19a, What the Hell Was That?

Show #020b Direct Download:

  • Matsuri Con is in Columbus, Ohio this weekend. No, we won't be there.

  • Some guy from the RDF Underground Podcast called.

    $50 table+ 30 badge Anime Central = $80
    $60 table + 50 badge Otakon = $110
    $20 table + 40 badge Anime Boston = $60 and tables sold out in 5 minutes.

  • The Baka Song from Ranma 1/2, specifically from the 1991 Song Calendar CD.
  • More complaints about Show 19a
  • Definition of otaku. Otakon is otaku + convention.
  • Ichigo is from Anime Pulse.
  • The Future of Team 7 fanart

  • My letter to Ichigo: Cut for lengthCollapse )

  • Anime Boston's Artist Alley sold out in 5 minutes. Probably because of East Coast fan-artists who found their policies very preferable over Otakon's, and also it costs a lot less to get in and go there.
    We were on the waiting list, and thats creative squeezing we got in! Yay!
  • Daryl is from Anime World Order

  • Krusty: I don't know how to thank you kids.
    Bart: That's all right, Krusty.
    Lisa: We're getting fifty percent of the T-shirt sales.
    Krusty: The T-shirt sales! That's the sweetest plum!
    from show #9F19, Krusty Gets Kancelled

  • Nan Desu Kan is in Colorado.
  • Noah phrases of the day:
    • "Unless you're some kind of a stuck-up stickybeak..."
  • We're thiiiinking about going to Anime Weekend Atlanta
  • Yes, the end music is from the Benny Hill show. It's called "Yakkity Sax". And Noah insisted we play it for this episode.
  • The Chibi Project apparently blew the head off Sailor Venus recently.

  • Daryl is wrong about today being Good Friday, which was last Friday. He recommends this CD for birthday people. But uh... I think only my friend Rick would like it.
  • Daryl also calls me a hipster - although I do wear a lot of hipster T-shirts I'd like to argue that although hipsters like to knit, it's nerds who knit themselves Dr. Who scarves. I'm too unskilled to knit, so I had to purchase my Dr. Who scarf. I didn't talk about Dr. Who in this episode at all, so this is getting off topic, but I'd like to say that I really enjoyed Barty Crouch Jr. as the new doctor. Hey Jefferson, what did you think of him? I think you left us Skype mail but I forgot to play it.
  • Promo: The R5 Central guy finally heard of my show. I totally knew about his show, but I've never listened to it.
  • Someone sent me this totally sweet birthday fan art:

It's Rock Lee!!! My favorite!!1 Here are my favorite Naruto characters in order:

1. Rock Lee
2. Temari
3. Gaara
4. Hinata
5. Tsunade

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