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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Friday, March 3rd, 2006

Time Event
Show #018a - Oscar Predictions, 5th Graders, Doves May Cry
Show #018a Direct Download:

I'm sure Noah will fix up these show notes later:

Intro: Berserk Intro (Kono sekkai wa...), Pocky song from website.
Sites Mentioned:
  • Gaiaonline.com

  • Rented from Greencine or Rentanime.com

Anime Mentioned:

Other Podcast Promos/Stuff:
  • Happie Random podcast - now called the "Randomization" podcast. Asarakun is in 6th grade, FYI.

  • Weekly Anime Review

  • Happy Hentai Podcast

  • Anime World Order

  • Anime Pulse

End Music: From Bleach and Prince, in Erin's crappy mashup. Call our voicemail: 206-203-ERIN with your reaction, complaints, etc.

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