November 29th, 2005


Show #011 - Greetings from Ireland

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Hey -- it's Noah (otherwise known as froglartbge or "Froglar, the Bantering God Eater"). Sometimes I, uh, get to do the show notes. So here we go:

Music: "One" (Always Harcore) by Scooter

"No one who speaks German could be evil..." quoted approximately from the Cape Feare episode of the Simpsons. A questionable statement made by Sideshow Bob's parole officer upon hearing the felon's explanation that his tattoo, "DIE BART, DIE" is actually German.

FMA AMV: "Always Hardcore" by Nostromo_vx available at the 'Org, here.

Andrew W. K. is totally serious. Either that, or I'm totally fooled. The point here is that many of us, I think, identify ourselves as "hardcore otaku," and that kind of interests me. What does it mean to be "hardcore?" The Wikipedia, that ever-expanding lexicon of vernacular culture, tells us that the term is ". . .used to describe something more extreme than mainstream versions. In informal english usage, this term can also refer to an individual who is of above-average intensity in general, or with regards to something in particular." It seems to me that 'above-average intensity' doesn't really cut it, though.

Listener Mail from Ireland

Ghost in the Shell
The infamous Legend of the Overfiend (playing on television? Yipes! Maybe it was the 38 second edited-for-content version)
Legend of the Dragon Kings -- this title is new to me, although I have at least heard of it under the Japanese title of Souryuuden
The (IMHO) solid Street Fighter II: the Movie. Check out the cool fight between Chun Li and Vega, which is really the reason to watch this anime (unless you're 15 years old; then Chun Li's shower scene in the "unrated" version is also worth your time, I guess).
The excerable Street Fighter live action movie with Raul Julia. Poor guy. Of course, in addition to being a fine Shakespearean actor, he is no stranger to whacked-out cheese. Remember Overdrawn at the Memory Bank?

Here is the part of the awesome end-theme lyrics I start singing (badly):
La la la la.... Hurray, hurray for the Street Fighter!
La la la la.... Hurray, hurray for the Street Fighter!
La la la la.... Hurray, hurray for the Street Fighter!
La la la la.... Hurray, hurray for the Street Fighter!
for the Street Fighter
for the Street Fighter
for the Street Fighter
for the Street Fighter

The full (awesome) lyrics are here, courtesy of

CHOBITS - I don't like it one bit, and will, no doubt, discourse on that subject at great length on the show at some point.

Burst Angel "...In a future where women wear practically no clothes..."

DNAngel. I was hoping to find a picture of the cap, but to no avail. I'll let Erin say her piece on DNAngel, though: DNAngel has great art. Check out these: 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Menchi Plushy which is decidedly easier to find than a DNAngel hat. Menchi is everyone's favorite emergency food supply from Excel Saga

TTFN - Ta Ta For Now. Apparently it is a regionalism. Hunh. Who knew?!

Jonathan Clements Anime Encyclopedia as pitched on his homepage.

s-CRY-ed. Say it with me now!

Boogie Pop Phantom. The eyecatch sounds like it was voiced by the devil's own Speak-N-Spell.

Princess Tutu

The Scryed AMV from Anime Central - possibly - although it's not listed as a participant. <--- Now defunct. See comments for details

SCRYED AMVs by Quycksylver.

My Life in Fandom: Erin's Exact Double

Erin did get her copy of Howl's Moving Castle from shortly after this recording.

Erin gets 90% of her T-shirts from, and the other 10% from

Howl cosplayer:

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