November 25th, 2005


Show #012 - Interview with Scott Melzer, Part 1

Show #012 Direct Download:

Where's show 11? Oh, it'll be up soon. Special thanks to Konoha Cop for editing the interview portion of this podcast!

Interview with Scott Melzer and friends:
  • Matt Pyson - possibly the awesomest guy in the entire universe, including but not limited to the Kuiper Belt.

  • Mike Wall, voice actor (of fan parodies). Mike was awesome and had the best time in NYC of anyone there. He bought a Totoro poster!

  • Artist and writer Marc McKenzie. I looked through his portfolio - it was awesome!

  • This is Otakudom

  • Steam the Movie - website coming soon.

  • Bakurestsu Con was Oct. 21-23 in Vermont. It took us THAT LONG to edit this show.

  • AI-Con is Tasmania's first-ever convention. They don't have a website yet, just this forum thread.


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