October 13th, 2005

Ebichu Jaw Drop

Show #007 - David Ng Interview, Part 1 Show #008 - David Ng Interview, Part 2

Show #008 Direct Download:

This entry was up a couple of days ago, what the heck happened to it?! Here's the link and lack of show notes, again.

David Ng interview, part two.

Still no show notes! In the meantime, you can check out David's pictures from Comiket .

Don't forget OnnaFest is this weekend, October 8-10 in Newark, NJ.

  • Serenity was really good, in case you were wondering! Hello Ninja Consultant Listener(s) in Perth, Australia!! I see you on the listener map! What's it like in Perth? I've always wanted to know! Write to me at ninjaconsultant@gmail.com!

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