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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Tuesday, September 20th, 2005

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Show #006 - The Last of the Otakon 2005 Coverage
Show #006 Direct Download:

The final bit of Otakon Coverage, I thought we had reviewed Steam although it turns out we didn't.

Jojo's Bizarre Adventure is available in anime and manga forms in the U.S.

NonDE Studios - makers of "This is Otakudom" and "Steam: The Movie" [you can't download it anywhere, but you can watch these commercials for team EVIL, they're pretty good, and it's like a preview] - "That Guy" is actually Scott Melzner
Seirra Mist, "Yeah, it's kinda like that."

Brief mention of Dragon Half, which is actually really funny and you should totally watch it. It's also only two episodes, so don't be fooled by Alison's mention of a non-existant third episode.

We complain about the Kaiju vs. Final Fantasy Film again.

Alison accidently calls it "Kaiba Big Battle," which is pretty funny. Also you should read this amusing article from the Savage Love column about a high school girl's love of Kaiba. My reaction: Your friend won't find someone as hot and rich as Kaiba in her high school - but a Kaiba cosplayer could totally happen!

The "Inu Yasha is a biiiooooooooooootch" email:

The Prince of Tennis, the fake final episode fan parody. I don't know a page for this parody, but if you know one, let me know.

Eyeshield 21 - the American Football anime and manga.

La Blue Girl - it's not anime for a first date, but you could watch it with your boyfriend. (If you're Alison, anyhow.)

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