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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005

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Ninja Consultant Podcast Show #003 Part C
Show #003, Part C of C Direct Download:

Starblazers theme.

Ninja Consultant Listener Map (may not work on all browsers).

Australia - If you spend more than 5 minutes with Erin, you will learn that she has been to Australia.

Beyond Thunderdome Bust a deal, face the wheel!

"Need some GASOLINE" -- This is a line from the Home Movies parody of Beyond Thunderdome. If you haven't seen Home Movies, do yourself a favor and track it down. It's not anime, but it is animated. So that's partial credit anyway.

"If you hit the airport you've gone too far." -- A line from The Brak Show. Directions to One Fish Lake.

Newtype Magazine

Erotic Adventures of Hercules / "You may remember me from..." -- Troy McClure star vehicle referenced in Simpson's Episode 9F07, "Mr. Plow"

A definition of the Sword and Sandal Genre

Hercules Returns -- Before the days of Amazon.com, small esoteric foreign films could be hard to track down. Anyway, this film is like a really, really good episode of MST3k without the commercials and free of censorship. I remember it as being super-funny, but of course I was, like, 15 at the time.

The Jerry-Eye -- like an Einhoreh in Yiddish; the evil-eye.

Podsafe -- circumnavigating the legal issues surrounding unlicensed music

Halifax Slasher "Donner Party Dinner Party" -- we've already linked to it below, but we'll link to it again.

Dirty Pair: Original Series

Dirty Pair OAVs

Dirty Pair Flash

Ru-ru-ru-russian Roulette is by Nakahara Meiko, and if you find a way to purchase the album this is on - PLEASE TELL US!!

Dead Alewives -- I don't know what happened to them, but their site has long been down. Maybe this article on dead alewives might interest you instead.

Rant Section -- we're going to have a rant section so you aren't forced to sit through our rants during the show. Here's the first rant.


It's the Neko-bus!

[NOTE -- looking back, I think this actually happened at A-Kon 8. I wasn't at A-Kon 9.]


Eye of the Tiger

My Neighbor Totoro -- Look, basically, if you haven't seen this movie you need to do so immediately. NO EXCUSES. Anyone who doesn't like My Neighbor Totoro has no soul.


SD Gundam

Z Gundam

Gundam Wing

I can't keep my Gundam straight. Even after looking at the list of shows, I have no idea what season or what show the question covered. I'm sure someday I will run into Ed or someone from AWOL... or they will hear the podcast... and I'm sure they'll correct me on a hundred different things. I live in fear of this day.

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