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The Ninja Consultant Podcast
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Sunday, July 24th, 2005

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Ninja Consultant Podcast Show #002
Podcast Show notes:

Show #002 Direct Download:

- Now listed on itunes!

In this show we review Genshiken, and actually talk about Naruto.

- That Bastard Ninja
- Leaf Village's awesome Naruto Website:
- Naruto Mixed Drinks (Coming Soon)
- Rock Lee
- Gaara
- Marmalade Boy AMV, Linkin Park song
- Marmalade Boy anime

Rock Lee plushie only $11 at this site.
The store in NYC where I saw it for $13.50. There's also an online store and a store in Chicago.

Gaara plushie

- Anime Boston
- Anime Central
- Anime Next
- Anime Expo
- Japanese Toy Store on St. Marks Place (Link coming soon.)
- Ed from Fullmetal Alchemist
- Girly swimsuit figures like what guys would like

Awesome Del Ray Manga Guy
- About Del Ray manga
- Del Ray Wikipedia entry

- Wikipedia's Genshiken entry
- ANN Genshiken site

- Afternoon manga magazine (maybe not as hardcore as I thought).

- Definition of Otaku
- Comiket
- Comic Party
- one manga series by indy artists (published by CPM)
- the other fairly sucky manga series sans yaoi (published by Tokyopop)
- Akihabara

- Scott McCloud
- Can't stop Thinking
- Can't stop Talking

- Anime New Network, and their Encyclopedia
- Funny Genshiken episode titles
- Gainax's Otaku No Video

- Genshiken DVD+artbox release date 7-26-05
- Genshiken manga release dates: Volume 1, 4-15-05, Volume 7-15-05, Volume 3 10-25-05, Volume 4, 1-31-06,

- Kujibuki Unbalance

- Anmanga Daioh = Azumanga Daioh
- Seven Star Stories = = Five Star Stories
- Konan the Future Boy = Future Boy Conan

- Doujinshi a.k.a. Doujin
- Tokyopop
- Akon (7)

Hal's song, "Solids" from the album, "The Donner Party Dinner Party" by Halifax Slasher.

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