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Show #28 Win a Date with Daryl Surat!

Show #028 Direct Download:

Music in this episode: "Somebody Told Me" by The Killers

That's Japan! Episode One: The Kancho!

Erin: I am talking about dinner at Otakon Friday night, when my friends could not have hated Daryl "before" dinner as Daryl joined us there. Noah is talking about my friends on the way to dinner on Saturday night.

Contest Daryl Surat has won: the Anime Pulse Pickle contest, the Otakugeneration contest "Guess the Character in the Envelope Contest" - and an Anime News Network contest? How did he get an extra Patlabor box set?

Our first Contest: Win a Date with Daryl Surat!

Conditions for Winning:

  1. Are you female?
  2. Do you live in Florida? Preferably near Orlando? Or better still, 90 minutes south of Orlando?
  3. Are you single? (i.e. not involved in a long or serious relationship - NOT married. Divorced is OK!)
  4. Are you 18 or over? Age of Consent in Florida is 18
  5. Preferably, but not necessarily, you ought to be heterosexual. I guess it's different for post-op transsexuals. You could still win based on the above conditions.

Chances are that so few people meet these conditions that basically if you enter, you win. There is the potential for multiple winners.

We sing Fast Karate's praises again.

Noah and Erin's Favorite Videogames:

  • Nethack
  • Snake
  • Minesweeper
  • Defender
  • Solitaire (doesn't count)
  • DDR
  • Prince of Persia 2

Noah suggests: Read Penny-Arcade. They liked Prince of Persia Sands of Time.

Ninja Consultant Confessional!!!

Noah doesn't like/watch giant robot anime.

We're going to be at AWA!!

What Giant Robot show should we devote our valuable to? You tell us!!

Poll #808017 Giant Robot Anime

What giant robot anime series should Noah and I watch? (After Giant Robo...)

We mention our trip to Korea several times. But the less said about Rick the better.

Obscure stuff Erin likes:

Promo: Fast Karate for the Gentleman
Bumper: Randomization

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