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The IY&VtSRaC Project!

Do you draw? Do you have friends who draw? If so, please submit art to our mini-comic, the "Inu Yasha and Vash the Stampede Riding a Chocobo Project". The end result will be a mini-comic filled with different artists' interpretations of Inuyasha and Vash the Stampede Riding a Chocobo. I will make the final comic available online in pdf format and sell copies of the comic anime conventions. Other artists included in the project can also sell print-outs of the comic at conventions (provided that they make print-outs and copies themselves and do their own stapling).

This project started off as a joke, but I'm convinced that it could become the most popular piece of anime fanart ever made!!! Maybe it'll get to be as big as that Batgirl Meme. If you've got comments or questions or ideas, email me at

The art can be in any medium, it can be pencil or inked or sculpted or 3D or whatever, so long as you provide a scan or photograph or whathaveyou to be included in the comic. Email whatever to The tentative deadline is August 1st, 2006.

Help get the word out by re-posting this, cross-posting it, emailing it, or whatever way you want without being too annoying and spamming people. I've created some flyers to be passed out at cons and whatnot: In order to make this super-easy to draw, here are some reference pictures of Chocobos, Inuyasha, and Vash:And here's a Gallery of the Pictures listed above.

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