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Friday, October 2013

Ninja Consultant is Leaving Livejournal; Seeking Wordpress Designer

After many years, I've decided to stop using Livejournal and switch to Wordpress. This might mean a feed change, but I'm not sure yet.

In the interim, I'm looking for someone to make a nice Wordpress theme for the page.  Not for free, but I don't have a huge budget, either, so think flat fee and not an hourly rate.  Email ninjaconsultant (at) gmail if you're interested.

Things I'm hoping the migration will solve:

  1. You'll be able to see old episodes in the feed, instead of just two or three episode.

  2. A better search function.  It's freaking impossible to search through old livejournal entries.

  3. Not owned by Russians.

  4. Less comment spam...?

I'm not all that fond of Wordpress either, but I know how to use it, and there's a Livejournal migration tool.

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Wednesday, August 2013

Show #109 - Wolf Children From Up on Poppy Hill

Show #109 - Direct Download:

Break and ED: TBA

We're not quite dead. I think I'll go for a walk!

10:30~ish:  Talking about Summer Wars
13:20~ being talking about Wolf Children
15:35 Wolf Children inciting incident, I don't consider this a spoiler because it happens in the first 20 minutes of the film.
25:30 brief mention of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
37:45 ~ mid-film spoilers
39:25 Final 1/3 of the film spoilers
39:50 BEGIN End of film spoilers
40:30 No more spoilers, just some jokes
41:25 Back to spoilers
42:10: Analysis
50:40 From Up on Poppy Hill talking begins
51:00 But first Earthsea and Little Norse Prince
56:20 the real Poppy Hill review begins
1:07:50 mid-film details
1:09:40 Minor Spoilers Begin (mid-film-ish stuff)
1:16:50 Bigger spoilers of the end
~ A lot of good jokes and analysis ~
1:20:55 Some more end of film details, but not exactly a huge spoiler
1:22:42 Serious ass SPOILERS from the end of the film where we read the ending details off Wikipedia.
1:23:22 We speculate about things in the film that are not explicitly stated, but if you think Noah's "theory" is a "spoiler" skip this bit, too.
1:24:20 I don't think what I'm saying is a spoiler here.
1:24:55 The end of major spoilers and beginning of amazingness.
1:26:00 - 1:26:17  Ok I guess that part is a spoiler… kind of?  But it's not a romance spoiler

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Wednesday, January 2013

Show #108 - NYCC 2012 Convention Coverage

Show #108 - Direct Download:

Break and ED: "Venus to Jesus" by Etsuko Yakushimaru from Arakawa Under the Bridge.
Where we talk a bit about:
And then we discuss if Ripley used an exoskeleton or exo-suit or power loader in Alien?

Recorded live at New York Comic Con:

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Friday, December 2012

Show #107 - NYCC 2012 Interview with Milton Griepp

Show #107 - Direct Download:

With special guest: Milton Griepp of ICv2.

Recorded live at New York Comic Con.

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Friday, August 2012

Show #106 - Otakon 2012 Report

Show #106 - Direct Download:
ED: "I'll Make a Man Out of You" from "Mulan"

With special guest stars:

Evan from Ani-Gamers,
@VinnieAve_AGC from All Geeks Considered,
Ink from Ani-Gamers.

Includes a long excerpt from Dave's panel on Videogame Criticism. You know Dave from podcast such as Fast Karate, and Ajay from barroom colleges such as The Brooklyn Institute.

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Monday, July 2012

Show #105 - Anime Boston 2012 Report

Show #105 - Direct Download:

With special guest stars:

@Gerald_AWO Gerald from Anime World Order,
@MichaelToole Mike Toole, from the Internet,
@Vertical_Ed and Ed Chavez of Vertical.

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Monday, May 2012

Show #104 - Felipe Smith

Show #104 - Direct Download:

OP & ED "Tough Boy" by TOM*CAT (from Fist of the North Star)

We finally caught up with Felipe Smith at MangaNext 2012. Felipe did the MBQ series after placing in Tokyopop's Rising Stars of Manga. Then he moved to Japan and wrote and drew a series called Peepo Choo for Morning 2 Magazine, which has been imported to the U.S. by Vertical books.

We had a long talk with Felipe about what it's like to work in Japan, and whether or not Bakuman is true to life.

Where to get his books:

Peepo Choo

MBQ volume 1
MBQ volume 2
MBQ volume 3

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Friday, March 2012

Show #103 - Steve Harrison Rambling in a Mall (you can really hear the mall)

Show #103 - Direct Download:

OP: Symphonic Suite Yamato
INT: Various Gundam eyecatches
ED: Giant Gorg OP

Here we interview Steve Harrison, one of the grand old men of [American] anime [fandom]. (Although, honestly, I don't think he's that old.) We were fooled into thinking this would be a good idea by Daryl Surat, who claimed Steve Harrison was his future self, but not himself from the future. Apparently in the future Daryl grows a beard and learns how to be polite and charming.

The sound quality is extremely poor, as I brought a USB to XLR adapter that decided to not work with my laptop, so we would up recording using the laptop speaker and my iphone, and then I mixed the two sources together, slowly and painfully over several months, as they kept going out of sync. You can really hear every chair scraping the floor in the mall, and the occasional piece of food court muzak.

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Thursday, February 2012

News: Ninjaconsultants at MangaNext and Genericon

We're going to MangaNext, February 24th-26th!
MangaNext 3:30 Friday - Comiket Survival 101, Events Room B
MangaNext 6pm Saturday - Unusual Manga Genres, Events Room B
MangaNext 1pm Sunday - Culinary Manga, Panel 2

We're also going to Genericon!

March 2nd - 4th
Genericon 9am Saturday - Recent Trends in Anthropomorphization, Panels 2 (337)
Genericon 4pm Saturday - Culinary Manga, Panels 2 (337)
Genericon 6pm Saturday - Alcohol and Manga, Panels 1 (318)
Genericon 12pm Sunday - Unusual Manga Genres, Panels 2 (337)

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Friday, January 2012

Show #102a - Anime World Order Show # 102a

Show #102a - Direct Download:

I feel justified in recasting this podcast for a couple of reasons:

1. I was a guest. (Noah makes a brief appearance.)
2. And perhaps more importantly, I edited this show, but the A and B parts.

Daryl then re-edited it, and cut out my awesome Christmas remix of the AWO theme song. He also probably cut out more "ums". In any case, this was ready to go on December 30th, 2011.

Read AWO's full show notes here.

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Thursday, November 2011

Show #101 - New York Comic Con 2011

Show #101 - Direct Download:
Music Break #1: Adventure Time theme song
Music Break #2: The theme song from China, IL a new Adult Swim show created by internet sensation Brad Neely
ED: "George Washington" also by Brad Neely

With special guests, including @spiraken from Spiraken Manga Review and @VamptVo from Ani-Gamers.

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Wednesday, October 2011

Video - Unusual Manga Genres Otakon 2011 Edition

Unusual Manga Genres Panel Otakon 2011 from Erin Finnegan on Vimeo.

Thanks to @daqdug for the editing!

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Wednesday, October 2011

Show #99 - Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 Part 2 with AWO and the OSMcast

Show #099 - Direct Download:
OP & ED: "Chase the Light!" by Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, the opening song to Kaiji Season 2, which I don't think we talk about in the show at all.

With special guests from the OSMcast and Anime World Order.

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Monday, October 2011

Our New York Comic Con 2011 Panel Time is...

Join us this Friday, October 14th at 11 AM on the Anime Main Stage for "Unusual Manga Genres"!

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Thursday, October 2011

Show #98 - Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 Part 1 Emily, Dave, and Ko

Show #098 - Direct Download:
OP: "Mamboleo" by Elissa
INT: "Friday" by Matt Mulholland
ED: "Right here right now" by Fatboy Slim - Various

We talk to our friends Emily and Dave about their recent trip to Japan, post-Earthquake, where they watched sumo and visited a Hakone onsen I recommended. They also compare AWA to DragonCon.

Then I talk to @kransomwastaken about what it's like to run the videogame room at AWA for like 11 years, and outsider art from Nosferatu.

Here's a list of the AWA AMVs, which we also talk about. Below, the winning video:

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Monday, September 2011

Show #97 - Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011 Preview Guide with Darius

Show #097 - Direct Download:

We talk with @DWashington999 about upcoming events to look forward to at Anime Weekend Atlanta 2011.

Be sure to check out all the Ninja Consultant panels at AWA this weekend:
  • Unusual Manga Genres: Friday, 6:00 PM Room 106
  • 21 + Manga and Anime: Saturday, 9:00 PM Room 106
  • Culinary Manga: Sunday, 2:00 PM, Room 106

Admittedly, there is an annoying buzzing noise on the the line when Darius talks on the phone. I didn't figure out a way to fix it fast enough before the convention, but listeners proficient with Audacity who'd like to take a crack at fixing it are invited to email ninjaconsultant at gmail and I'll send a link to the original files.

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Wednesday, September 2011

Show #96 - Makoto Shinkai Press Conference

Show #096 - Direct Download:

The Makoto Shinkai press conference from Otakon 2011, with the spoiler questions stacked at the end. ANN did a full transcript here. But just reading it you can't here all your favorite anime journalist asking the questions!

I have cut out the translator whispering the questions to Shinkai.

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Friday, August 2011

Show #95 - Children Who Chase Lost Voices, Arrietty the Borrower, Civilizational Collapse

Show #095 - Direct Download:

OP:  "マジLOVE1000%" by ST☆RISH, the ending theme of Uta no Prince-sama (here's my review of Uta on Shelf Life)
ED: Opening theme of the 1983 TV series "The Littles"

If this 50mb file is hilariously too large for you, there is a low quality version here.

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Tuesday, August 2011

Show #94 - Yoshiyuki Tomino Q & A at NYAF 2009

Show #094 - Direct Download:

OP: "Fly! Gundam" by Koh Ikeda
ED: "Fly, Gundam" covered by Andrew WK on his album Gundam Rock.

Evan from Ani-Gamers is also on this recording, although briefly. The translator is Mari Morimoto.

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Monday, August 2011

Show #93 - Seinen Up!! at Genericon 2011

Show #093 - Direct Download:

ED: "Now You're A Man" by DVDA

@mangacast's Seinen Up!! Panel from Genericon 2011.

Apparently this recording was done by monkeys, and as such I apologize for the popping noises throughout. I tried to also remove many of the more awkward pauses, but not all of them, as I have other things to do today. Despite the poor quality, it's worth toughing this one out for the following reasons:
  • There's a mention of the true author of Lone Wolf and Cub
  • Ed says shojo is basically dead
  • Learn the entire history of manga! (Almost.)
  • You can learn about the state of the manga industry in France
  • ...and more!

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Thursday, August 2011

Show #92 - Culinary Manga NYCC 2010

Show #092 - Direct Download:

Here is a recording of our Culinary Manga panel from New York Comic Con last fall. I believe it was recorded by Spiraken originally, on an iphone, so the sound quality isn't great.

@samkusek is also on this panel, and is a major contributor of content.

You can follow along by downloading the PDF of the Powerpoint presentation.

Here is the video played in the middle:

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Tuesday, August 2011

Show #91 - Gantz in Your Pants

Show #091 - Direct Download:

OP: "Dance Epidemic" by Electric Six

Noah talks about Gantz for like, two and a half hours. Are you listening comfortably? Maybe you should get a snack. By the way, here's my Shelf Life review of Gantz.

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Sunday, August 2011

Show #90 - Ninja Consultant Live Podcast at SITACon 2008 Part II NSFW 18+

Show #090 - Direct Download:

With special guests
Lawrence Eng, plue Gerald and Clarissa from Anime World Order.

NSFW: We use explicit language and talk about sex and dating in Japan.

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Saturday, August 2011

Show #89 - Ninja Consultant "Live" Podcast at SITACon 2008 Part I NSFW 18+

Show #089 - Direct Download:

With special guests Gerald and Clarissa from Anime World Order.

NSFW: Things get a little "blue" as we talk about the now defunct Happy House of Hentai podcast.

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